When you design business cards you need to make use of certain design tips that can ensure that your card has the right kind of visual and mental impact that you want it to have. The card stock has an important role to play in the quality of the business card that you end up with. Usually 60lb paper stock makes for a good choice when it comes to printing business cards. You need a heavyweight paper for your business card for two important reasons. Firstly, you would want to print on either side of the business card. Only then can you ensure that your prospective client thinks of you when the opportunity arrives. With a blank side, it is easy for the card to be lost in an entire stack and not really strike your potential customers. A heavy card will also feel substantial when held between the fingers.

You have to design business cards in a way as to get the maximum attention for which you need a full bleed card stock that could be printed on either side. The card should be tear and curl resistant so that it doesn’t look ugly after a few days in the wallet. This is very important especially when you want to exhibit a very professional image. Apart from a thick card, you will also have to give due consideration to the dimensions of the card. 2.5 X 3.5 inches is a very common size but you could opt for unique designs such as the bookmark shape so that you can market yourself and create a very good first impression on prospective clients.

It is important to pay attention to margins and white spaces when you design business cards. It is important to leave some space on the edges to add any extra information on the card if required. For the same reason, you need to pick the right kind of finish. Picking a super glossy card could be a great temptation that should be avoided. A super glossy surface prevents clarity especially when the content is smaller. You could request a professional supplier to give you an aqueous coating or lamination for a lustrous look. However, if the surface is too glossy, one cannot write any additional information on the glossy surface.

Full bleed, double sided printing is the standard option when you design business cards to make a genuine impression. From 2 inches to over 5 inches, the length of the business card could be extended based on the design. You need to be particularly careful while using thick and dark colored images. Bleeding guides can help you create a more aesthetic impression on the card. Sample cards can give you a good idea of how the cards look when printed. 215 gsm, 80lb recycled paper stock is also used in some cases. Vellum or bamboo could be used too for the card material if you want a unique look and feel for the card. The edges should be finely shaped too.

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